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TabiMoms Projects


TabiMOMS Projects

TabiMOMS is committed to creating a world where mental and behavioral health services are readily available and accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. We believe meaningful change depends on innovations that increase engagement, facilitate integration with primary care and a focus on quality. 

Advocacy Bootcamp 101

The "Advocacy Boot Camp 101" program equips single-parent households with essential skills to advocate for children's mental health. Participants start by comprehensively understanding mental health advocacy and learning how to build practical advocacy skills.


The program emphasizes effective communication strategies tailored to various situations and offers guidance on navigating advocacy within the TabiMOMS community. Throughout the boot camp, participants engage in discussions that empower them to drive systemic change and share experiences and strategies.  

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Family in Nature

Harmony Hub

The "Harmony Hub: Cultivating Wellness Paths Together" program by TabiMOMS creates safe spaces for families facing barriers to mental and behavioral health support. It establishes tailored support groups in community centers, schools, and local organizations to address economic, cultural, and language challenges.


Culturally competent facilitators lead discussions and activities, while the program provides resources and workshops to help families navigate services and educational systems. Additionally, a peer support network, periodic consultations with mental health professionals, and bilingual, culturally sensitive materials ensure ongoing support and inclusivity.  

TabiMOMS Community Learning Sessions

The TabiMOMS Community Learning Sessions introduce TabiMOMS as a supportive organization while engaging with families impacted by mental and behavioral health challenges. These sessions facilitate conversations to identify common themes and prioritize topics for support, ensuring that the most relevant issues are addressed.


By listening to the experiences of these families, TabiMOMS can pinpoint specific barriers to accessing mental and behavioral health services in Solano County. The sessions provide a platform for sharing and understanding and lay the groundwork for targeted support initiatives that address the community's unique needs. TabiMOMS strengthens its role as an advocate and resource for families facing mental health challenges through this collaborative approach.

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Healing Through Self-Expression

Healing Through Self-Expression”, is a program that provides a safe, creative environment for students to learn and enhance their skills in costume design and visual arts. To empower and bring forth the voices of impacted youth, we use the creative process to help with psychological healing.

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